The Islamic Center of Savannah is a non-profit organization which strives to serve the religious, educational, and social needs of the growing Muslim community of Savannah as well as reaching out to our non-Muslim neighbors in order to provide information about our faith and way of life. ICS relies on your generous contributions in order to perform its day-to-day operations as well as put on special events.Help your Islamic Center grow.


Congratulations To all our recent Gratuates!!May Allah swt continue to shower His blessings upon you and guide you in your future endeavors.We’re proud to see so many of members move on to the next chapter of their lives!!Islamic Center of Savannah wishes you all the best in the road that line ahead.

Al-Hamdulillah, with the blessings of Allah, Ramadan is less than one month away. As we all begin to cleanse our hearts and limbs in preparation for this holy month, we also need to prepare our Masjid so it can welcome the entering of Ramadan.
To achieve this, we will need volunteers to help clean and organize space throughout the Masjid. We also need organizational volunteers to help with managing activates before and during Ramadan.

The Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) passed by a grave and asked his companions about it. His companions replied it is the grave of Umm Muhjan. The Prophet (S) rebuked them because they did not inform him of her death and then prayed the funeral prayer over her. He then said: ‘Why did you not inform me?’ They replied- you were sleeping and we did not like to wake you’. The Prophet prayed for her and had great respect for her as she used to spend her efforts in cleaning the house of Allah.” (Related by Muslim) Please try to be part of this task-force. Remember the honor and respect Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, gave to the person who cleaned or maintained the Masjid. Let us try to be of those who make it a habit to participate in cleaning & maintaining the Masjid , and creating , managing, and participating in the activities.


InshaaAllah,ICS will hold its Monthly Community Dinner(Pot Luck) Night of Getting to Know Each other on Saturday,2015 @6:30PM

 Iqama (prayer)Schedule  for the week starting Friday, May 22th,2015

Fajar  5:35AM

Dohar  2:00 PM

Asr  5:30 PM

Maghrib  8:35 PM

Isha  10:00PM

Friday Khutbah & Prayer 1:30 -2:00 PM

Sunday Dohar  2:00 PM

All Muslims are welcome to use the Islamic Center of Savannah facilities and have access to the religious services and other services offered by ICS, in order to participate in the management of the Islamic Center, one must become a member of the Islamic Center of Savannah. The greatest benefit of becoming a Member of ICS is the reward from Allah SWT, for the commitment to support an organization devoted to providing places of worship for Muslims, Islamic education, and building bridges of understanding among people of all faiths. for full benefit of becoming member of ICS and to fill the membership form if you still not a member.


Right Way to pray

Imam An- Nabawi’s 40 HADITH 

Ramadan and Fasting


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